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10 Reasons why Mallorca is the best place to live

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10 Reasons why Mallorca is the best place to live.


Since the article published by the Sunday Times which named Palma de Mallorca the best place to live, we followed up on the Why and compiled some points on how the island gained this prestigious claim over other beautiful places in the world.


For us in Home Finder, here are the 10 reasons why we feel privileged to live in Mallorca.


  1. The weather – we all know that Mallorca is blessed with 300 days of sunny weather which means,


  1. Outdoor living – with the nearly all year-round sunny weather, you get to enjoy living outdoors. Simply put being outside most of the time.


  1. The 260 beaches and bays around the island – plenty of choices whether you want to be with a crowd or on a secluded beach.


  1. The mountains – the UNESCO protected Sierra de Tramuntana range is full of trails ideal for hiking, cycling and exploring nature.


  1. Cosmopolitan population – different nationalities from all walks of life live harmoniously which contributed to a bohemian vibe.


  1. The romantic villages and fishing ports – where one can still see and appreciate the daily bustle of Mediterranean life.


  1. The plethora of restaurants and cafes to choose from – a simple hamburger place to fine dining not to mention the traditional Mallorquin culinary fare. The typical menu of the day is good value for money.


  1. The nightlife – although not as famous as the clubbing scene in Ibiza, Mallorca boast a vibrant and lively nightlife on the major resorts and in Palma.


  1. Accessibility – excellent flight connections all over Europe. As an island, getting to your destination once you landed at the airport is a couple of hours drive to the other side.


  1. Quality of life – and this is the most important reason. Mallorca is still relatively safe, top notch private and public medical care, laid back lifestyle, no pollution and strong family values.




By Elvira Abellana

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