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  • Elvie Abellana

    Elvie is one of the founders of Home Finder Mallorca. She has seen how the business evolved since it was set up years ago to become more innovative and efficient.

    Having worked in the customer service side of the marine industry for the last 10 years, she brings with her the know-how on customer care and attention to detail. A veteran in real estate and with a deep drive in helping people, Elvira brings a strategic yet personable approach to the home buying and selling process making each transaction as seamless and successful as possible.

  • Tamara Lloyd-Cox

    Tamara is an artist who is passionate about Mallorca and committed to helping through her exhibitions in keeping the island beautiful and desirable to live for the future generations. She considers it one of the great privileges of life to be born and raised in Mallorca.

    She provides Home Finder Mallorca insights on the design and creativity required in the marketing process of the business.

  • Piers Lloyd-Cox

    Real Estate Agent

    Piers Lloyd-Cox is a real estate agent based in Mallorca, specializing in the residential property market. Piers clientele consist primarily of European second home-buyers and local residents selling their property.
    As my career has been progressing in the realtor world, I have found myself immerse in gathering knowledge on marketing strategies, digital content, market orientated valuations and learning the regulations of real estate in Mallorca. At an early stage I have learnt the importance of knowing my subject to be able to provide the information required to my clients and advise if the property is the right fit for them.
    From small city apartments to high-end luxury villas, to commercial leases and sales, to hotels businesses and property development I have built a large network in the island over the years that allows me to connect buyers and sellers of any kind of real estate property.
    My main focus is to provide a professional service and consultancy on home-buyers, sellers and real estate agents. Starting over Home Finder Mallorca after my father did a hand-over to me that he started in 1995, has really made me experience all aspects of running a real estate agency. From modernising to digitalizing and following the steps of the top realtors in the world and a consistent passion for the business has helped me turn into a confident real estate broker in the Balearic Islands in Spain.